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Will your resume get you the interview call?

IT is an act in creating your personal brand image. Your resume reaches the interviewer before you do. Yet, many people lose out on an interview opportunity thanks to a poorly written one. Your resume is the first step in projecting yourself effectively to the recruiter.

So create an image that you genuinely identify with – it is a sharp world out there and no one is buying false niceties. We address ten important issues related to your resume.

1. Should your resume have a career goal/ objective statement? A resume that is worthy of representing you, should clearly state your career objective. A career objective is an indirect way of advertising what all you would bring to the company/ role. It must display a ‘giving’ attitude and not a ‘taking’ attitude.

Take a look at this: “To achieve an appreciable status in an organization that offers full scope for growth and where I can fulfill my aspiration of becoming a world class software professional.”

And this: “Be a part of an organization that recognises my skills and provides me with suitable environment to perform to the best of my ability.”

Do either of the above display a ‘giving’ attitude? Your answer is correct. They don’t. So now you know how NOT to write an objective statement! It is advisable to keep the objective statement simple and specific. Let it focus on the direct value addition that you can provide.

Example: “A certified Software Programmer seeking opportunity in the area of Software Development in a competitive work environment to utilize my skills to deliver robust and innovative software solutions.”

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